Employee & Visitor Management System

HoozinToday is an easy point-and-tap system that keeps track of people on your premises. An electronic visitor book and time & attendance system rolled into one.

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HoozinToday Offers Total Visibility of Staff & Visitors on Your Premises

See Who’s In

Keep track of people in your buildingIn just a few simple taps your visitors and employees quickly and securely register their arrivals and departures.

Adds Compliancy

Instant access to FIRE register Not only an invaluable Health & Safety tool, HoozinToday also keeps all visitor personal data private and secure.

Look Impressive

Use technology to impress your visitorsRe-think your reception area and use HoozinToday to position your business as technologically cutting edge.

Create a visitor experience to remember

First impressions count.

Good coffee and a smile make your visitors feel welcome. Using HoozinToday to protect their personal data from the prying eyes of the next visitor, makes you look like you really care.

So ditch the paper sign-in book and enhance your reception area with HoozinToday, a slick automatic visitor management system.

Reduce the risk

In an emergency, if you have no procedures to account for your employees and visitors’ whereabouts, you may be breaking the law.

Take care of everyone in your building with our instant, removable roll-call register.

So in an emergency, if you have to evacuate the building, you can instantly check that everyone has made it out safely using the nifty in-built evacuation button.

Timing is everything

With employees’ interacting with HoozinToday, an accurate record of staff time and attendance is instantly accessible.

As your business grows it becomes harder to keep a safe eye on your team: who is arriving early; who arrives late and who doesn’t come in at all.

So even if you are out of the office, log in to HoozinToday our cloud-based software and get the full picture.


“Security is paramount to us”

Being an ISO 27001 certified company, we understand the importance of data security. We are now able to confidentially track all visitors into our offices which is crucial to our ongoing compliance. HoozinToday delivers the perfect solution that is easy to implement and cost effective.

Andrew Sherwin, Operations Director

The Apprentice Academy

“We love it!”

Our staff can’t wait to get in in the morning so they can use it. It’s so much better than the boring sheet that they used to sign into.

Liz Partington, Delivery Support Manager


“It makes us look innovative”

As a young, dynamic technology business I always felt our physical visitor book didn’t reflect who we were, and also contradicted our paperless policy. Trading this for a handsome tablet with a sleek user interface is brilliant for managing a client’s arrival and setting the tone onwards; we are Skuuudle, and we do things differently.

James Hilton, Managing Director

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